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Our Team

Danielle Fernandes CEO/Founder

An entrepreneur, philanthropist, activist, speaker, and writer, Danielle has worked with endless clients from large scale corporations to smaller scale non-profits. She is passionate about veganism, animal rights, her basset hounds and yes, the Montreal Canadiens. She is an avid reader and holds true to a minimum of a book a week ranging from business to classic English literature.
Favourite quotes
“Everything popular is wrong” – Oscar Wilde
“It’s All About Commitment” – Patrick Roy

Shedaine Bernard
Account Manager

Shedaine has a passion for digital marketing and a diverse background including being a DJ as well as a talented basketball player. He recently finished an undergrad with a double major in Environmental Geography & Environmental Studies and enjoys spending time with his family.
Favorite Quote:
“The race is not for the swift but for those who endure”

Jag Gill
Event Marketing

Jag is a former professional soccer player who now splits his time between real world endeavours, coaching soccer and involvement with Bantr Events. He can be found doing everything from quick content edits to creative and design work as well as being a sounding board for all the team’s crazy ideas. Jag loves hiking and sports of any kind.
Favourite quote:
He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. – Muhammad Ali

Tracy Nguyen
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Tracy has been with Bantr since it’s inception in 2015. Her educational background (and first love) is digital media and production. She is currently enrolled at Ryerson University for Sport Media. Her strong eye for detail and get-it-done attitude led her to want to pursue in online marketing. Passionate for all-things- media, she hopes to specialize in online marketing, social media, e-commerce & online operations. In her free time, she likes being on a computer and polishing up her skills. For the most part, you can find her cooking at home, on a hike, watching an NBA game, taking photos, or spending time with family, friends and her little chihuahua, Rogue. You can find Rogue sitting in classes with her at Ryerson 99% of the time. The two are inseparable.

Christian Castillo
Creative Services

Christian is our talented in-house videographer, editor and photographer. He is passionate about cinematography and loves getting creative with clients in the boardroom. Christian is involved with the music scene of Toronto and looks forward to working on everything from sports to corporate videos with Bantr.
Favourite Quote:
Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. Victor Pinchuk

Indira Jashnani
Digital Marketing Intern

Indira is our newest digital marketing intern/social media content whiz. Her background is in the green space (pun intended) and interests are recreational sports and nature walks in the summer.
Favorite Quote
“This too shall pass” because it reminds us to make the most of the fleeting moments. Solid advice

Riley Glenn
Account Manager

Specializing in social media marketing, Riley spends his days following Toronto Sports teams (go Raptors), working out, listening to music, taking photos with his trusty Nikon DSLR, and trying to stay fashionable (on a budget). As a media student at Ryerson, Riley looks forward to growing with Bantr with a focus on sports (of course)!

Merishka Pillay
Social Media Intern

Merishka is excited to be working with Bantr this summer with a focus on technology and digital ad campaigns. “So far this year I’ve lost my wallet twice, cracked my phone screen, and won a pie eating contest. 2017 is definitely my year, folks” – Merishka
Favourite Quote:
“In Roman times the artist would contemplate proportions and colors. Now there is only one important color… Green” -Kanye West

Nesh Pillay

Nesh is a veteran PR whiz who has a passion for technology and cutting edge marketing techniques. She began her career as a journalist in New York but is now a proud Torontonian, and poutine lover. Nesh enjoys cooking, hiking, and drinking the best wine the city has to offer.
Favourite Quote:
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela.

Director of Smiles

Seymour is a rescue from the Basset Hound Rescue of Ontario. He is 9 years young and an advocate for rescue dogs everywhere that no matter how much you drool, there is a forever home waiting for you! Seymour enjoys hiking, walks to local Toronto parks and begging at the kitchen table while Danielle eats. He loves belly rubs and cuddles in bed as well as making guest appearance on Bay Street.

Director of “Awwww’s”

Small but fierce, Rogue is always upbeat and ready to seize the day. She never turns down a good game of basketball and loves to go on walks. Rogue is also a member of Ryerson’s community. You can find her roaming the halls, sitting in on lectures and watching sporting events with Tracy. Rogue’s enrolled in Sport Media Production and looks forward to graduating in 2019 as well. On the side note, she’s an extremely picky eater, so don’t bother trying to give her a treat, because she most likely won’t eat it unless its caviar or costs at least $100.

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