Are you up to speed with the Social Trends of 2020?

Social media trends can sometimes be unpredictable. Luckily, here are 9 trends that have been strategically identified by Sprout Social.

1. Brands reconsider important metrics

Brands have reconsidered which metrics matter and the same goes for you. What do you define as social success and where does it come from? Re-evaluate how meaningful the likes, comments, shares and reactions are to you and your business.

As social platforms such as Instagram remove the “likes” count, it’s shifted the focus to the quality of the content.

Try spending a little more time on your content. Getting stuck? This article will dive into various strategies and ideas that could work for you!

2. Growth of niches and private communities

The key is to create a meaningful relationship with your target audience, rather than everyone out there. According to this Forbes article its more effective to communicate to your target audience as individuals rather than to speak to everyone generally. This give you the advantage to really take the time to understand exactly who your audience is and communicate with them.

3. Improved, Lively and direct social ads

Getting the word out is becoming increasingly simple and effective. Social platforms are beginning to include them as they have had proven results. Even Linkedin now has an ads platform. To our advantage, this can be used to market a variety of goods and services, all down to whatever we need.

What are you waiting for? Do some research and experiment with ads!

4. Influencers

Over the years the popularity of influences has skyrocketed as a trusted and reliable way to get you and your brand known.

Why? Because recommendations from a trusted source goes a long way.

Think about it, who are you more inclined to trust; your good friend Maya, or an unknown source?

5. Stories tell stories

That’s right, storytelling is one of the easiest forms for you to relate to your audience. And what better more effective way to tell a story in a story (on a social platform).

Statistically speaking Facebook stories now has 500M users according to this source. So it’ll be hard to avoid if you want to keep up with what’s trendy.

6. Video content

Relating to the last point, Video content is on the rise as the easiest, simplest way to tell your story. The opportunity to publish video content should not be overlooked as its quick, relevant and relatable – key elements to improving your online presence.

7. Audience inclusion

Make sure your audience is included in your content strategy. This can be as simple as making a hashtag that allows them to share comments or experiences that relate. Additionally, you sharing that experience is a simple win-win reliable solution to content.

8. Re-evaluation is hot and trendy

It’s important to re-evaluate what you thought you knew. Do a check to see which platforms are worth giving time to.

Does one do better than the other? Would it benefit you to drop one and put more time and energy into the other?

9. As a marketer, the ball is in your hands. Or is it?

Social media is all about keeping your online presence relevant and interesting. Which is why it’s up to us to find out what the trend predictions are and be one step ahead of the game.

So there you have it, I hope these 9 trends have given you some clarity onto what’s about to come this year! Keeping up to date isn’t easy, but that’s why we’re here to help!

Check out the full article by Sprout Social here.


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