The Right Way to Use Digital Brand Storytelling

By Hallie Braunstein
Digital Marketing Intern

“Storytelling” - is it just a marketing buzz word? What does it even mean to execute digital brand storytelling? Well lets try to explain this so it a) makes sense b) you can use it for the greater good!

Digital Brand Storytelling is the art of using digital platforms to tell a narrative of experiences and share brand values to your current and potential target customers. If done authentically, this is truly the missing piece that humanizes your brand. Consumers want to know the story. They are curious and are ready and willing to be inspired! 

Connect With Your Audience

There are many ways to connect with consumers. So, what makes brand storytelling different? Consumers are more engaged and willing to listen to an interesting story vs purely facts. Stories give deeper insight to the brand: it showcases both personality and voice. Interest increases engagement with the brand. Consumers look to connect with brands they support, and stories encourage them to listen. With that said, storytelling links brand connection with consumers.

Make Your Consumers Remember

Do you want to be a top of mind brand? Tell a story and inspire. Research found that storytelling will make your brand 22 times more memorable than a simple message. Why? According to Doug Keeley, CEO and Chief Storyteller at Stories Rule!, stories are the “oldest and stickiest way to get and keep attention.” Linked here, watch one of Mr. Keeley’s incredible stories on Change, which shows how effective storytelling is. It was found that learning from stories is more accurately remembered than facts. As previously mentioned, consumers prefer listening to a story that will connect them to the brand. This will make them understand and remember the brand’s story.

Finally, Know Your Brand Identity

Not everyone is aware of a brand’s story. How do you make them aware? Amplify your brand identity. This proves confidence in a brand’s journey. Confidence is associated with credibility. Credibility in brand storytelling gives the story power: power to be authentic, and eye-opening. To sum it up, amplifying brand identity helps build awareness. So, amplify it.


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