Why Is Video On The Rise?

The famous saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”, well just imagine how much a video is worth. A study done at the University of Sydney concludes that our eyes are attracted to unexpected movement [1].

While your viewers are scrolling through their feed, they are 27.4 times [2] more likely to click on your video than they are a regular image.

Why? Because there’s a sense of mystery to uncover. When done properly videos are all you are going to need.

Here are some reasons you need to get your camera rolling:

1. Effective and Efficient

Video incorporates two senses, visual and auditory. Within a number of seconds, it is able to portray the story you want to communicate to your audience. Are you trying to relate to your niche? What problem are you trying to solve? How can you relate your story to the audience within the first 7 seconds[3]? Video allows you to tackle all these questions effectively and efficiently. 

2. Brand Memorabilia

How you tell your story says a lot. Video works in your favour as you can really go in depth and relate to your viewers on a more personal level. Selecting the right colours, lighting, sound, tone and movement really goes a long way to how your brand will be perceived. 

3. Viewer engagement

Videos not only attract attention, they also keep it. Videos generate 1200% [4] more shares than image posts. When done right, a video is the perfect hook to your next viewer subscribe or website click.

4. Selecting the right type of video

Is all about creativity; what works best for you and your brand. There are a number of different types that can get you noticed. Some examples include:

  • Short commercial like branding videos that gets your story across. Good for business owners looking to upscale and spread their story. These range between 1-2 minutes. Example
  • Informative/teaching videos. Between 10-30 minutes. These are good for entrepreneurs who are sharing their knowledge about a subject. Tip: It’s really important to structure these videos concisely as they can become tedious easily. Example
  • Videos that do most of the talking for you. These are suitable for sports, real estate and tourist related niches. As it is more about showing the viewer a location that encompasses what you want to say. Example


Investing in creating a couple or even one video is unquestionably something you should consider. It’s efficient, effective and gets the viewers attention! Excited to see what you come up with – Cheers!